Penhaligon’s Scent Library

Shaz Saed -- Blonde Tea Party -- -- beauty and makeup tips --  I review many perfumes from various brands but what sets Penhaligon’s apart from the rest is the impeccable quality and uniqueness of each perfume, the historic British heritage and the beautiful bottles with their delicately designed labels that make every piece so wonderfully classic and forever timeless.Each scent conjures up a myriad of senses and scenes. Some bring back warm childhood memories, others take me away on a magical journey to faraway lands, specifically Vaara, which I was given as a Christmas present in a beautiful musical box gift set.I have always felt that perfume is such a personal and special gift and if chosen correctly can become a signature scent. I also believe that everyone should have a ‘fragrance wardrobe’ a collection of scents for specific occasions, activities and moods. I know I pick a scent based on how I’m feeling that day. My favourite out of this collection has to be Ellenisia – the burst of fresh floral invigorates while the warmth of sweet plum and vanilla bring comfort and joy.


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