5 Tips To Help Beat Anxiety

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Suffering from Anxiety has become increasingly common in today’s modern world. The pressure of living ones ‘best life’ seems to hijack our Psyche daily through a constant flow of perfectly curated Instagram pictures and Facebook posts. It’s no surprise people feel inadequate. It’s addictive I get it but for the sake of your sanity stop torturing yourself with images that stir up negative emotions. It’s easier said than done but look at it this way if scrolling through your Insta feed first thing in the morning makes you feel like you are not good enough in any way shape or form it’s time to rethink this detrimental habit. I’m as guilty as the next person so I’m making a conscious effort to limit my daily exposure. I want to look at an image and be inspired not down spiral into an abyss of self-loathing and worthlessness. Self confidence isn’t always easy when you are comparing yourself to what you deem perfect. It doesn’t exist and even if it did where the fun in that? We are all exactly who we are supposed to be right now and that my friend is more than enough. I have filmed a short YouTube video with some of my tips to help beat anxiety and I hope you find it helpful. Please include some of your own tips in the comments below.


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