Ageing Gracefully VS Cosmetic Procedure Industry

As I sat waiting to see the medical practitioner at an aesthetics clinic, I was given a form to fill out that asked me a slew of questions, such as:

  • What was I most unhappy with about myself;
  • What did I want to change;
  • How do I want to feel about my appearance; and
  • What procedure did I think would help me feel better about myself?

Then, I had to circle 1 out of 5 happy to sad faces depending on how I felt at that moment.  All the while, being surrounded by the latest anti-ageing treatments and services in the form of posters, pamphlets, and magazines. In the background, a TV showed an awful loop of short videos of Hyper American Dr.s with too much plastic surgery themselves, plugging their latest and greatest age diminishing inventions from a lunch-hour face lift, too fat freezing body parts, and vaginal rejuvenation! You what?!

The treatment consists of having a relatively painless laser plump up your nether regions so you can feel like you are 16 again! Here I am watching an animated image of a woman, legs akimbo having what I can only describe as a light saber being inserted for no less than 45 minutes followed by a testimonial of a patient whose life has become apparently immensely improved since the treatment.  This gives a whole new meaning to probing!

I think I’ll pass. I only came in for some advice on some skincare!  All of a sudden, I felt this huge wave of discomfort come over me, making me feel nauseous and a bit too hot. I wanted to get up and leave. It’s no us Wonder Women are feeling pressure to maintain their youth when we are constantly bombarded with images of perfection, information on how to stop the aging process with quick fix procedures and minimal down time.

What happened to just growing old gracefully? Going on holiday may just take 10 years off you naturally and probably cost less too! Everyone looks better with a tan but the sun is your enemy so you might as well go and live in an igloo. It seems that women who embrace the aging process are far happier and content in life and fundamentally more beautiful. There is so much more to life than preserving youth.

Everything in moderation, too much filler and you end up looking like you had an allergic reaction to shellfish. That puffy face look does not look youthful it looks ridiculous and who are you kidding anyway?

I feel like there is so much emphasis on holding on to youth and pushing back the years Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about maintaining a coherent skincare regime, colouring your hair and wearing makeup, dressing well. After all, looking after yourself is paramount but trying to avoid something that’s inevitable is madness!

Self-acceptance, being comfortable in your own skin, eating and living well are the solution to aging gracefully, not relying on quick fix procedures.



2 responses to “Ageing Gracefully VS Cosmetic Procedure Industry”

  1. Chantal56 says:

    What a meaningful post, Shaz. You’re so pretty and young, you shouldn’t have to worry about ageing but the pressure is real, the girls in the magazines, even those who flaunt anti-ageing products seem to be hardly 20 yo… On TV, movies, commercials only the youngest have the right to appear. What a silly world…
    I just turned 60 and I’m not chasing my youth. I never wore make-up so I continue lol and I wear my natural hair long. And I feel pretty and free.
    I’m sure you’ll find your way to embrace aging, do what works for you and don’t worry about the dictates of Youth. Life is more than a wrinkle-free face.
    Gros bisous ?

    • Shahrzad says:

      Thank you Chantal, that’s very kind of you to say. I love that you embrace your beauty, my mother is the same, she is Swiss and never wears makeup and also has her hair long and it’s beautiful. xoxo

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