Be Yourself

Ok,lets get personal. In this somewhat superficial little world of blogging, vlogging and youtube-ing one can often feel inadequate. I feel like we are so busy watching other peoples lives, buying into their opinions on makeup,beauty, fashion, food etc that we lose track of ourselves and who we are. Sometimes I think I don’ t even know what I like because I’m too busy coveting the latest “obsession” of so called “beauty gurus”. I was comparing myself constantly to the perceived success of others and it was making me resentful and rather unhappy, not to mention exhausted in keeping up with it all. At thirty one I was asking myself the questions ‘who am I ?’ and  ‘who do I want to be like ?’ I had to take a step back and take everything into perspective. Remember when you were a child and you knew exactly what you liked and didn’t like?
It is always important to get grounded again, take a break, change the scenery, log out. My love and I went on holiday to Greece and I decided no social media for two weeks. I wanted a complete break from it all, I was so overwhelmed and uninspired. I was watching a  youtuber who was giving us a forty five minute update on every aspect of her life, how she is moving and won’t be able to post a video but she will try but if not we can follow her every move on Twitter etc I mean really?! are people so consumed with other peoples lives that God forbid they don’t post a video that week of their must have eye shadow how will we cope! And do they think they are that important that we must check Twitter to see what they had for breakfast? Don’t get me wrong, I like a good makeup haul as much as the next person but I won’t be held to ransom to tune into their video schedule. Rant over. This is meant to be fun right? I’m beginning to wonder. Anyway I started to force myself to think about the things I like, that I discovered on my own or created. I came across the post above and it just hit me! Nothing resonates more true. I need to be me. I like me so why am I so intent on being somebody else? There is nothing wrong with being inspired by others but you don’t have to become them. Take a breath and start again. So from now on, I’m going to concentrate on being the best me I can be and take things at my own pace one step at a time.

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