Gluten Free Cereal Maple Sunrise

Quite recently I have been suffering with terrible bloating and was worried it could be Irritable Bowl Syndrome. I went to my GP and he said it could be stress or my diet. I started to read up on bloating and found out wheat and whole grain could be the culprit. Every time I ate wholegrain cereals or bread my stomach would balloon, people thought I was pregnant! It was really painful and super embarrassing. I was so worried to eat anything. My sissy who has an entire blog on healthy eating  told me about this cereal as she has cut out all types of wheat and wholegrain, she even makes flourless and gluten free cakes! So I have cut out all forms of regular pasta,rice,bread for gluten free where I can and I feel so much better for it. This cereal is delish and I get no bloating at all! I have this with Almond milk as I have also cut out dairy. You can find this in the Free From isle in your local supermarket.

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