New Year Resolutions 2015


Happy New Year!! I hope you all had a wonderful break and are feeling refreshed and ready for 2015. I’ve been pondering my new years resolutions and along with the usual drink more water, exercise, eat healthier, buy less makeup ( yeah right!) yada yada yada I have come to the conclusion that there are general life skills that I lack, things I really need to change about myself and put into practice in my everyday life.

1. This is going to be my mantra for life from now on



2. Being Punctual. My morning is broken down in sections: bathroom, breakfast, bathroom again, bedroom. I potter around far too much and it takes me awhile to get out of dream mode. Once I’ve had my breakfast I attempt to get ready. I feel like it takes me ten minutes to brush my teeth and twenty minutes to wash my face! What the heck am I doing?! I cleanse, put on my serum and moisturiser/cc cream then go to my bedroom to put my makeup on ( another twenty plus minutes) *yikes* then I try to get dressed deliberating on what I’m going to wear. I have some imaginary time frame in which I think is sufficient time to get ready. I am almost always late everywhere I go! Not good! I envy people like my sister who can get ready in a flash! This is something that really bothers me and I am trying to change.

3. How to pack properly for vacation.


I can’t pack for the life of me! I end up packing too much of which I wear maybe two outfits or not enough or not the right type of clothes. I’m a disaster! I once packed about six pairs of shoes and only wore flip flops! For my holiday in Greece last year I packed two maxi dresses which I had never tried on before, they were far too long and therefore unwearable! ( I’m 4’11) Two bikinis one of which I picked up in the airport on the way, both were terrible cuts and most unflattering on my figure! I could have cried! I literally had one pair of decent shorts a few pairs of pants and some vests! I had to go out and buy clothes!  What is wrong with me?! Apart from being a horrendous procrastinator I just don’t try things on. I have decided that this can never happen again. From now on I am planning in advance and trying every piece of item on before I pack it!

3. Positive Thinking



I have a tendency to slip into dark moods which stop me from accomplishing anything at all. Recently I have been slowly able to talk myself out of negative thoughts and feelings. This quote reminds me to snap out of it and stop feeling sorry for myself.

4. Always remember to

IMG_2828 Life is short (I hate that saying) to be anything but! I want to be the best me I can be and stop worrying about what people think or say. Stop comparing myself with others. Wear what makes you feel good! Use your expensive makeup and perfume! Have a piece of cake if you feel like it! Be happy.

5. Let it go


Do what makes you happy. You are going to make mistakes, disappoint people and not everyone will like you. No one is perfect, shit happens and we have to learn to move on. Live in the ‘now’ leave the past behind you, look forward to the future and enjoy living in the moment. Forgive and accept. Be you.



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