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A friend of mine tagged me in this post which was originally posted by Rachel at Betty Rose Beauty. I think this really hits the nail on the head. We are so quick to condemn people we know when they start a business yet don’t think twice when purchasing a YouTubers new highlighter or eyeshadow palette! Some of us even fall out with people over it. I’m a beauty blogger and a consultant with Arbonne. My job is to share with you products that I genuinely use and love. If I was working at a beauty counter recommending you a foundation and you bought it, I would receive a commission so why is it any different if I’m doing it online through my blog or YouTube Channel? I think this is a really clear way of understanding small businesses and what it means to people. Not everything is a scam or “pyramid scheme” things have come a long way since then. Try to have an open mind about things and if you are offended or uninterested that’s absolutely your prerogative but you don’t need to bash the person who is sharing it with you a simple ‘no thank you’ will suffice.

“Kylie Jenner releases a lip gloss, people buy it.                                                                                               Kanye West puts out a new shoe, people buy it.
Matthew McConaughey is the spokesman for a car and people want it.
Dre has new headphones, people buy it.
Apple releases a new phone and people stand in line for it.
Oprah promotes a weight loss program, folks jump on board.

Friend or family member starts a new business, people are wary of buying it…..!!!!!!

What’s wrong with this picture?? Why are we so quick to support someone we don’t know, who has plenty of money already, but we have a million reasons not to support someone we know living a regular lifestyle?
When you support direct sales and small businesses, you are helping families you know feed their kids, pay their mortgage, and find their kids happiness and well being! Not contributing to a celebrity’s endless bank account!

So next time you see a friend posting about their business give then a quick like or a comment, you don’t even have to buy the product. It all helps us to gain more exposure for our business it really helps! ”

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