The Little Household Luxuries That Might Make You Happy

In those moments when your anxiety is raging, or you’re in desperate need of a self-care moment, having something fancy and a bit expensive on hand can help you to feel a lit bit more pampered. If you can look around your house and realise the measures you’ve put in place to help yourself out, as well as actually use them to bring your mood up a little more, life might just get a little bit sweeter for you. 

And hey, there’s nothing like spending a little bit of money here and there to treat yourself! And because of that, it might be time for you to look into outfitting your house here and there with some little and luxury items that might just make you feel a bit happier when you use them. And if you’re in need of some inspiration, we’ve got a quick list for you to look through below. 

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Coffee That Isn’t Instant

If you like hot drinks a lot, and you’ve always got a cup of tea or coffee or a hot chocolate in your hands, why not buy yourself some ingredients that won’t lead to an instant cup? If you can put a bit more time and effort into something as simple as a cup of coffee, and use some higher quality and flavour-filled granules, you can earn some real brownie points for your energy levels. 

Of course, non-instant coffee isn’t something we all like the look and taste of, but there are plenty of options on the market that aren’t dark and bitter. You can find a list right here, if you’re in need of a bit of inspiration. 

Fancy Tissues and Paper

They seem like such an inconsequential item around the house, but tissues are a big part of being able to keep clean and tidy. If there’s a spillage in the kitchen, you’ve got kitchen roll to wipe up the mess. If there are tears in your eyes, you’ve got a box of tissues in the living room to dry them. And you even need some tissues in the toilet too – they’re a big part of life, truth be told! 

Which is why it might be nice to invest in something a little more quality and upmarket on the tissue front. Something like hotel quality napkins, to help sweeten dinner time, when you have no energy to make yourself something to eat – if you’ve spent a bit of money on even just the kitchen roll, you have a reason to actually use it, and thus a reason to feed yourself properly!

And don’t stop there either. If you’re a big writer, and you like to use notebooks to take down all kinds of sentences throughout the day, why not buy yourself some more fancy paper to use? Something patterned and colourful, that you’ll love to write on with all kinds of thoughts and little doodles. Even just having a pretty piece of paper can get the creative juices flowing, and that’s great for your state of mind. 

A Bath Bomb Here and There

And what household luxury post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning something for the bathroom? It’s a room in the house that has a lot to offer, after all, and if you’re in a bad mood or need a pick me up, being able to soak in the bath or have a refreshing shower is a great way to improve your mood a little. Even just being able to brush your teeth is great for your mental health!

Seeing as bath bombs are handpicked as a luxury item, and they’re not too widely available in the shops, you can really take your time shopping for the right bomb here. Something sweet-smelling with a colourful effect on the bathwater are the most fun, but those that foam up and leave the bathroom looking like a cloud has exploded in it are great too! 

If you’re on the lookout for a few more things in life that might bring you joy, let yourself live simply in the moment. You don’t have to constantly be on the lookout for experiences with deep meaning, or going out with a friend or family member every day in the pursuit of pushing the social boundaries. Instead, you can just cook yourself something nice to eat, with a fancy napkin to wipe your mouth, and a cup of good coffee to boot. And throw a bomb in the bath! 

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