3 Reason We Should All Go Cruelty-Free!

Cruelty-free products have become one of the major trends of the beauty industry and a recent study found as many as 36% of women only bought from brands who didn’t test on animals. After all, who wants to think that they’re harming bunnies in the pursuit of glamour?

So if you are thinking of exploring cruelty-free beauty, then here are three really good reasons why you should:

1. Animal testing just isn’t necessary

Did you know that there are over 7,000 ingredients that have already been proven to be safe for beauty products? That is a huge amount to choose from, so is it really necessary to put animals through an incredible amount of suffering just to test out new chemicals? The only reasons brands carry out these tests at all is because they want to try out new, gimmicky formulas that they can then use to sell new products at high prices. That’s not a good enough reason to cause pain to an animal.

2. There are plenty of cruelty-free brands these days

Worried that you’ll have a lot less choice if you go cruelty-free? That definitely isn’t the case, as there are loads of great skincare and makeup brands out there. One example is Urban Decay. As well as being certified by PETA, it even goes so far as to make sure that the raw materials it uses aren’t animal tested either. If you want to take things one step further, it has a vegan range as well.

Or what about the bunny-friendly Too Faced range? After all, how can you resist products with super cute names like Bottle of Unicorn Tears Highlighter Drops? It’s also worth mentioning Beauty Without Cruelty too. This brand is a true pioneer, as it was actually the one that started the cruelty-free movement an amazing 60 years ago. As a bonus, it is also totally vegan and paraben-free.

Another brand that’s creating a buzz in the cruelty-free arena is Drunk Elephant, so much so that it has picked up a cult following. It launched in 2004 with the philosophy that ‘a product is only as good as its worst ingredient’. The brand believes that so-called ‘sensitive’ skin is actually just skin that has become over-sensitised to toxic beauty products. With this in mind, its entire range is paraben-free, fragrance-free, as natural as possible and, of course, not tested on animals.

It doesn’t stop there though — there are many other brands for you to choose from, including Pixi, NYX, Lush, The Body Shop, Pacifica and Aveda. Plus bear in mind that Superdrug and Boots have their own cruelty-free ranges as well.

3. You will look and feel more beautiful

Products that aren’t tested on animals tend to be more natural and non-toxic, meaning that they will be better for your skin. This is especially important for those of us who have sensitive complexions with a tendency to come out in a rash at the littlest thing. The same goes for perfumes — products that are tested on animals are often laced with artificial scents as well, which can cause irritation. Plus it’s worth bearing in mind that increasingly, artificial beauty ingredients are being linked to serious health problems. So why take the risk?

Once you become cruelty-free, you truly won’t regret it. You will soon realise that there are endless products out there to try, so you can still be gorgeous from top to toe. You will also have a clearer conscious and what’s more, your skin will be happier too, as it will be pampered with more natural products.

With so much choice on the market and so many terrific brands out there, you’ll never run out of new lotions, potions and lipsticks. So why not decide to make this year the year that you go totally pro-bunny?

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