Alluring Attitude: The Figure Hugging Urban Style

The urban style has been around for almost a decade now. It’s been a sort of neo-punk movement, where aggressive tops and baggy clothing all tend to get along. Bagging clothing has been the hallmark of the urban style, but lately, there have been a few different takes on it. For one, urban-professional fashion has been adopted by many women who work in major cities. They have shown how you can wear a pastel blazer with dark denim skinny jeans and still look like an entrepreneur. Another take on the urban style has been the swapping of leather jackets for hoodies. Soft cotton joggers have been swapped for classic denim shorts. Now you have the figure hugging urban style, that makes it more sleek, more alluring and far more feminine. Let’s admit it, the urban style for women was a branch off from the men’s urban style that started the movement in the late 2000s. So now it’s time to make it more about female clothing options.

Lacing up to go out

The cami top has been around for a while but only recently has it been adopted into the urban style. For a long time it was the girl next door top that was seen in many suburban neighborhoods. You’ve seen it in many Hollywood movies about house parties without a doubt. However you can wear this top in darker shades instead of the classic neutral and pastel palette. Rather than being a typical half sleeve, it’s a full sleeve top which fits perfectly with the urban style. Because the lace-up does expose some cleavage, you may want to have a support bra from They have some cute bras which you won’t feel embarrassed wearing in public where parts of them can be seen. They have leather bras too which fits perfectly with the urban style. 

Ripped to shreds 

The urban style has been in love with black and dark grey skinny jeans. However for the figure hugging variant of this style you will want to wear lighter denim. Darker tones are slimming but they don’t show the outline of your figure that well. To stay in line with the urban style, your light blue denim jeans should be ripped to shreds. Exposing a little skin underneath, it goes well with the aim to allure and flaunt your figure a little more. In fact, you may want to have large exposed holes over your knees which leave no doubt that you’re dressing in a neo-punk fashion. 

True urban flare

Black lace heels are being seen everywhere in urban cities. They are snug-fitting, they’re very noticeable but they have an attitude to them. The laces wrapped around your ankle and feet add a little flare to your outfit as they try to contain your feet and control your wild side approach.

Thankfully the urban style won’t die out anytime soon because there are so many brilliant variations to it. This figure-hugging approach is certainly going to be seen more and more over in large cities. 

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