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 Hello lovelies, today my lovely friend & makeup artist extraordinaire tried out Dinair Airbrush Makeup on me. I had never tried airbrush foundation before but had heard phenomenal things about it. The foundation itself feel like nothing on the skin but the coverage is flawless and undetectable! If you have a special occasion and want to look immaculate, this is definitely for you. How it works: liquid foundation is poured into the silver scoop of the airbrush wand, the lever is pulled back and super fine mist of foundation is sprayed evenly onto your skin. It feels like just like air and you think nothing is happening but then you look in the mirror and its wow! You can choose from a matte or dew finish. This airbrush system not only does foundation, it does eyes, cheeks and lips too!

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For more information and for booking inquires, please visit Reshma Patel’s website www.reshmapatelmakeup.com

Follow her on Twitter @reshmamakeup


I wanted you to get to know Reshma so I’ve complied a few questions:

1.  When did you realize you loved playing with makeup?

Playing with my mum’s makeup as a child and then as a teenager experimenting with colour , spending hours in the drugstore swatching lipsticks,foundations and blushers.

2. What do you enjoy most about being a makeup artist? 

Empowering woman, making them feel beautiful and special. Being creative.

3. What would say is your speciality?

Skin, a perfect base. Correcting complexions, concealing blemishes, pigmentation, scars etc

4. What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a makeup artist?

Decide what area of makeup you want to specialize in for example Tv, Bridal, Special FX. Do your research

attend workshops, courses and get as much work experience as you can. Put yourself out there as you never know who you

might meet, opportunities could be anywhere!

5. What are your must have beauty products?

Foundation, eyeliner and mascara.




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