Everyday Autumn Style & Makeup

Hello lovely reader I hope this Autumnal day finds you well. I’ve struggled a bit with my mental health recently and my anxiety has been through the roof! On top of that I’ve had the flu and all this through my Birthday and favourite month October. Today I have finally washed my hair, put on some makeup and got dressed in my new Reiss Jumper dress which I’m utterly obsessed with. I pair it with my chunky biker boots from Ugg and one of my Birthday pressies my Mulberry Mini Alexa Satchel. I feel Autumn ready! I have even changed up my makeup look opting for chocolate shades on my eyes and a deeper lip using my new Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lip in the shade Juicy Date.

This brings me to the point of dressing up to feel good, it can make a huge difference to your mental health. Liking what you see in the mirror has such a positive impact and can completely change your mood for the better which then in turn changes your day and how you perceive things going forward.

It’s not selfish or superficial to take pride and enjoyment in your appearance every day. If you feel happy you are more likely to spread your happiness to others.

So however, you are feeling give yourself the gift of self-care, take the time to do your skincare, put on your favourite perfume, wear something that you love and makes you feel confident. Take yourself out and treat yourself to a frothy coffee and piece of cake.

If you need a little inspiration head on over to my Instagram where I will be sharing my daily Autumnal outfits along with my makeup of the day!

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