Feel Good Makeup Vibes

There is something about a winged eyeliner that makes me feel epic! I’ve touched on this topic before on my ‘ Feel Good Series’ on YouTube. The power of makeup and how it makes us feel.

Taking pride in you appearance is self-care. Notice the change in yourself when you put on a nice outfit, wash and style your hair, apply some lipstick or put on some jewellery. You mood shifts in a positive direction and you are much more likely to be more sociable, productive and happier in yourself.

If this is new to you I encourage you to try this. Get dressed, even if it’s in your best activewear, something you love wearing, put on some makeup even just mascara or a bright lip balm, whatever you are comfortable with and do this everyday for a few days or more. Then go a day without, say with no makeup on, unwashed hair( optional ), clothing you often revert to in habit ( could be those black leggings that you can’t resist) and notice the difference in yourself. How do you feel? This is usually me on a Sunday and by Monday I can’t wait to get dressed properly and style my hair and put on my favourite makeup. It’s a whole vibe and I’m telling you looking after yourself and taking time to pamper and nurture yourself will have a wonderous effect on your life.

Right, on that note as I’m sitting here in my robe, I’m going to go and put a face on! Happy Monday!!

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