Finding Your Happy Style

Hello lovely reader I hope your week is off to a great start. Today I’m sharing one of my new favourite outfits which I bought recently in the Sweaty Betty sale. I call this my ‘happy outfit’ because it’s what I feel most comfortable in most days. I’m also aware of the colours I gravitate to and how they make me feel. You must have heard of colour therapy before? You can book a consultation with a stylist who can demonstrate the effect of various shade ranges to suit your complexion and hair colour to enhance your best features, making you look brighter and in essence making you feel happy and confident. You can then apply this concept to everything from hair, makeup, nails and accessories. I haven’t had one of these but I know what colours I like and how I feel wearing them. I love vibrant pastel colours especially lilac and pastel lemon. You will know when I colour looks good on you because it will uplift you and brighten your complexion also pay attention when someone compliments you on a colour you are wearing. I get that a lot with soft rose shades.

Finding your style can be hard especially as you get older because perhaps what you loved wearing in your 20’s doesn’t quite work for you now. Always take note when you feel really good in an outfit and just replicate it in everything else you wear. If I don’t like what I’m wearing and it’s uncomfortable then I’m not going to feel at my best. When I love what I’m wearing I am instantly happy and confident and less prone to comparison.

Go through your wardrobe regularly and donate things that you really don’t wear or doesn’t fit properly. You want to be left with a capsule wardrobe where everything can be easily mixed and matched. You don’t what to buy an item that just doesn’t go with anything you own. Each time I purchase clothing I ask my self what else in my wardrobe can I wear this with. If the answer is nothing then I won’t buy it. It has to work with the rest of your wardrobe.

Have you had your colours done? Do you know what colours suit you? Does wearing your favourite colour make you feel any different?

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