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Shaz Saed -- Blonde Tea Party -- www.blonde-tea-party.com -- beauty and makeup tips -- Flower Beauty Light Illusion Foundation --

Always one to try out a new foundation, Light Illusion by Flower Beauty has been on my beauty radar for quite some time now ever since it was launched in the U.K. If you’ve been living under a rock this is a drugstore brand created by the actress Drew Barrymore. There are five shades currently available at Superdrug but in the States, there are fifteen shades to choose from. It retails at £12.99 for 30 ml and has built-in SPF 18 ( I would still apply at least SPF 30 underneath. The bottle has a Tom Fordesque design which gives it a luxe feel for such an affordable foundation.


“Light Illusion is a breakthrough foundation that achieves the impossible; provides you with medium to buildable coverage to smooth and perfect, while imparting your skin with the most flattering soft luminosity imaginable. All with a weightless, nude skin feel. Imperfections and uneven skintone are diminished. Only a flawless, smooth, and incredibly natural complexion is revealed.”

Who’s it for?

All skin types but preferably normal to dry. I have oily/acne prone skin and unfortunately, this just made me look like a greasy piece! It has medium to buildable coverage but not enough for my liking. It applies quite tacky and doesn’t seem to set. I found that it just sat on top of my skin enhancing any texture or blemishes I had. The formula is sticky and not particularly blendable in my opinion it seems to set in patches. I tried to apply this with a beauty blender and a brush which neither complied. I had to set this with a ton of powder and when I went to add bronzer it almost lifted off some of the foundation making it look splotchy.

The Verdict

Sadly not for me. I really wanted to love this but to no avail. It just left me feeling and looking overly oily. Perhaps I am just so used to my full coverage, Matte foundations but even so, I didn’t feel it applied particularly well either. It’s very similar to the Estee Lauder Hydra Matte Foundation in that it imparts a sticky, finish which I think is primarily due to the fact it has Hyaluronic Acid as one of the ingredients. It might useful mixed with a heavier foundation but I have yet to try that.

If you would like to see this foundation in action then kindly click on my tutorial below

Have you tried this foundation? If so let me know below in the comments what your skin type is and if it worked for you or not.

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  1. A Sparkle Of Grace says:

    I have been interested in trying out this foundation, it’s a shame it didn’t work for you.
    A Sparkle Of Grace

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