Foundation Frenzy!!

Ok, I am having major foundation issues. I’ve gone from buying a ton of foundations to now narrowing it down to just two that I like best. I want to decide on just one! Can you believe it? me the foundation fanatic having just one? I’m torn between Estee Lauder Double Wear and Bare Minerals Matte. I go to sleep thinking about it! Off topic but this reminds me when I was at school and I had pencil case problem haha I would switch out my pencil cases daily because I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to use! I’m weird I know!

So every morning I go through a mini battle of which foundation I am going to use, shall I use a BB cream underneath? primer or no primer? beauty blender? brush? and all throughout the day I’m checking my face in the bathroom mirror, in the mirror in my bag, in the cloak room mirror, taking my picture at lunchtime, I could go on! I scrutinise my face on an hourly basis! I love the coverage and the smoothness of ELDW, it completely eliminates my pores, stayes put, never have to touch up. Bare Minerals I have been loyal to for over 10 years but sometimes it just doesn’t want to work! Did I get a bad batch? Sometimes I apply it with MAC’s Fix Plus sprayed onto my kabuki brush for more coverage but you have to work quickly and sometimes it goes patchy at the centre of my face. Today I’m using it normally and  it looks ok but  it can look a tad chalky and it tends to dissappear on the sides of my nose and chin and after lunchtime blotting it just look yuk!

On my days off I rarely go for the DW as I feel its too much makeup for just pottering about or is it?
I think I’m going mad! I need help! How many foundations do you own? what do you use everyday? Do you have different ones for work, day off, going out? what do you look for in a foundation?

I always think, right If someone comments on my makeup today, that will be the winner! No one ever does haha

Maybe I should just use which ever one I feel like on the day and quit stressing about it lol
I still have an urge to try the Laura Mercier mineral powder and Estee Lauders Maxium Coverage foundation. Have any of you tried these?

If you are a foundation freak like me, then you will understand my woes!

2 responses to “Foundation Frenzy!!”

  1. You may get this comment twice now but oh well…I think the ELDW, I know what you mean though regarding be too much for everyday around the house, it feels like a waste of make up using, the chanel, Laura mercier Estée Lauder etc, on my home working days I put on my rimmel wake me up foundation…I really like it and I don’t feel like I’m wasting products for chilling…if you no what I mean! I am the same I over think all make up products! Not sure what mascara to buy for holiday at the moment xx

  2. armita says:

    I haven’t tried double wear in years as I have been hooked on Giorgio Armani foundations, luminous silk and designer. But will give double wear another go as no touch up during the sounds veeery appealing! 🙂 xxx

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