My current foundations

So here are some foundations that I currently own and use intermittently. For work I use Estee Lauder DoubleWear Light, this stays put all day and does not get shiny once set with powder. I had been using Revlon Colourstay for combination/oily for a long time, nearly a year!! I have never finished a bottle of foundation since this one! It is very long lasting, stays fresh and doesn’t oxidise. Sometimes it can look to makeupy if that makes sense? Then there is Laura Mercier Silk Creme, the rave reviews for this was unbelievable so I had to try it!! This takes alot of getting used to and the application method is key. I have applied this with fingers, an assortment of brushes and a sponge. The best way this works, I find is with a sponge. It is very thick in consistency, but spreads like a dream. You really don’t need alot at all. I find if you put just a bit too much it gets cakey throughout the day. Just a small amount spread lightly with a sponge give a beautiful finish. This does get shiny during the day and I have to blot several times but it does look beautiful in pictures! I set this with MAC Mineralize and normally wear this on the weekends. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk this is great if you have a perfect complexion or had a late night and want to look fresh. I haven’t found the best way to apply this yet, it doesn’t give me enough coverage and it makes my face shine like a disco ball. So I only ever use this on super skin days. Lastly Chanel Double Perfection Matt Powder Foundation so I got this off EBay as it is not sold here in the UK. I wanted this so badly as Cupcakekissesxxx on youtube swears by this.
This does not give me any coverage and does not last till lunch time! My face literally eats this up.
I really wanted to love this so have tried it again and again, wet , dry, brush, sponge but to no avail.
I think this for me just works for touch up during the day of as a setting powder.
The quest for the perfect foundation continues.
What are some of your go to foundations? and how do you like to apply them?

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