Top Ways To De-Stress

Stress is more dangerous than many of us think. Our bodies aren’t designed to be in a state of high stress for more than a few minutes. However modern life is more stressful than it has ever been. There are more demands on us physically and mentally – work stress, money worries, the world in crisis – and so on. 

De-stressing is a vital part of living a healthy life. Stress impacts us mentally, and has a lasting impact on our physical wellbeing, eventually chronic stress can lead to heart attacks and strokes. 

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So what can you do to help reduce and manage your stress levels? 


Many people will say that work is their source of stress, and it is one that they can’t do anything about. Which for many is true, bills need to be paid but it can be worth asking yourself the questions – do you want to feel this way until you leave that job? If not, it could be worthwhile looking at another job. It is becoming more common for people to leave stressful jobs for ones that are less paid but better for them mentally and emotionally. 

If work isn’t your trigger, then finding your triggers and understanding why you have that reaction is important. 

Walk it Off

Commiting to a strict workout routine isn’t for everyone, so instead commit to taking a ten minute walk every time you feel your stress levels start to increase. Walking gies our brains time to process and work through what is happening, but it also boosts endorphins which reduce the stress levels in the body. 

More Time 

Millions of people say that they need more time in the day, well it is possible to get more time, but not without commitment. Getting up earlier in the morning can get your day off to a more relaxed start – because you have more time to do everything you need to get done. Grabbing a coffee as you run out the door will start everyones day off badly. 

You can use the time to respond to emails, make a to-do list, work on side-projects. Even an hour extra in the morning can make a significant difference. 

Time Out

When we are relaxing in the house, it can be great, but if you also work at home it can feel like you ‘should be’ working, or that you can get away from it. Even those who work outside the house should consider taking some serious time out. Head to the library to sit in the quiet, go to nature reserve, take a long drive, get a Thai massage – there are a lot of things you can do out of the house to be real time out. 

Devices off

Comparing ourselves with the lives of everyone online, as well as constant bad news, and losing time doom scrolling is all detrimental to our stress levels, even if you are one of the millions who feel relaxed. Add to that emails, whatsapp, texts, calls, and other constant notifications – your brain isn’t allowed to switch off. 

For those who feel like when they do something for themselves they are being selfish – sometimes it is important: Treat Yourself! 6 Ways To Do It! 

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