Woodland Walks With My Pup

I have always been an avid walker and lover of nature but since getting our puppy Bertie I have learn’t to appriciate it all the more. I used feel like a weirdo just wondering around the woods by myself and now I have my little buddy to enjoy it with. He absolutely loves his walks and seeing him run about wild and free makes me so happy in my heart. I’m not going to lie having a puppy is hard work alot of time and patience is needed but the joy they bring is so worthwhile. He gets me up and outside every single day. I meet lots of other dog owners on our walks and get to talking with just about everyone I meet. This has helped my social anxiety a great deal. I can’t deal with small talk but with dogs we just talk about them to eachother and it’s great! I don’t have to talk about myself at all!

Now we have mastered the great outdoors but we have yet to learn to walk nicely in town which at the moment is a bit too exciting for Bertie. I intend to incorporate more of that during the week, like sitting at a cafe and walking along the pavement without lunging at the road at moving cars! This by the way is a dangerous habit of his which as of yet I don’t know how to combat. He also has a penchant for chasing joggers and cyclists! I hope this is something he will eventually grow out of but for now I keep him on a tight leash when by the road. People keep insisting on treats as a distraction but it’s quite difficult to gain his attention when there are several cars going by at once. For now it’s a firm tug and NO! Not sure if this makes a blind bit of difference. Any advice greatly appriciated.

I have filmed our little woodland jaunt for you to enjoy below.

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