Confidence Boosting Makeup

We all have that go-to, confidence boosting makeup look that we feel our best selves in. A look that we can do without thinking and we know it just works. This is mine. I am a huge believer in using makeup and being contious of what we are wearing to improved mental health. I have mentioned this before in a past blog post called makeup and mental health. Look good to feel better is one of my favourite mantras. When you feel comfortable within yourself, your clothes and makeup reflect that. Taking the time to find out what you like is so important: what colours make you happy? what is one of your favourite pieces of clothing and why? Start building around those things that make you feel a type of way. Think of a time that you truly felt the most condfident and the most happy and fabulous and revert back to that particular feeling everytime you feel lost or low. Were you wearing perfume? What colour was your lipstick? How was your hair styled? What type of accessories were you wearing? If you haven’t found your happy place with yourself yet, don’t dispare you can reivent yourself anytime you want. Take inspiration from Pinterest, Social Media, Film, Literature. You deserve to feel amazing! Make it your mission to feel good everyday, that could be wearing your favourite pair of earrings that you’ve been saving for special occasions or that bright lipstick you think is too bright!

When I feel crap about myself the first thing I do is have a shower, wash my hair, apply a beautiful smelling body loation, get dressed in one of my favourite outfits put my makeup on and have a cup of coffee. If I’m craving comfort and relaxation, I’ll put on my most cosiest loungewear and snuggley slippers, put on a face mask, make a herbal tea and watch Netflix. Check in with yourself and how you are feeling and act accordingly.

I hope you found this helpful. I would love to know what some of your feel-good habits are.

If you like this makeup look head on over to my Instagram where you can watch this full makeup process on my IGTV. There you will also find a full list of products used.

Thank you for reading x

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