Rio Ultrasonic Facial


Shaz Saed -- Blonde Tea Party -- -- beauty and makeup tips --Hello lovelies, this is the Rio Ultrasonic Facial, a beauty device that combines two treatments in one, to deep cleanse, firm and revitalise skin. It incorporates a salon technique high-frequency programme that maximises the absorption of your serums and moisturisers by using gentle pulsing waves to increase the permeability of your skin, therefore increasing the effectiveness of your products. When using this treatment apply your chosen skincare all over you face and hold the blade flat against your skin. Using gentle pressure glide the blade over the surface of the skin, using a continuous backwards movement. The cleansing treatment exfoliates using tiny ultrasonic vibrations that help lift dirt and dead skin cells away, leaving skin smooth and rejuvenated. This process of deep cleansing removes pore clogging impurities at a much deeper level than for example simply just using a face scrub. The tip of the blade concentrates the ultrasonic vibrations providing a targeted deep cleanse. Use this directly onto wet skin sweeping from the neck upwards up to the face in horizontal strokes.

Shaz Saed -- Blonde Tea Party -- -- beauty and makeup tips --

It’s fairly simple to use as you have two frequencies, high and low. Start with low and gradually increase the more you use it. You can use this twice a week. If you are someone who is serious about your skin care regimen and are looking to amp up your results then this is something for you to consider. It is available now at Debenhams with an extra 25% off! I’d get in there if I were you!




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