Chin Up


We all have our down days some of us more than others. That’s ok we are only human after all. I like to describe it as a raincloud hovering over my head sometimes it’s really big and all-consuming and sometimes it’s just a small annoying cloud that doesn’ know if it wants to rain or not. The important thing to remember is that it will eventually pass. It might hover for a day maybe two or more. You may feel it coming. I don’t know what sets it off or where it comes from but learning in your own personal way how to control/deal it will help even just a little bit. It can be overwhelming with social media bombarding us with images of what the perfect lifestyle should be, perfect home, perfect body, amazing friends, dream jobs. Even our own expectations of where we thought we would be in our lives right now can drag us down. We are our extremely harsh on ourselves. Here are just a few things that I find helpful;

Surround yourself with things that comfort you or make you happy – a cup of tea/coffee with your favourite treat, watch your favourite show or film, have a bubble bath, escape in a good book, go for a walk, meditate, tidy your work space/surrounding,listen to music.

Stop comparing yourself with others! No one’s life is perfect, no matter how rich, popular, beautiful, clever, talented you think they are. I guarantee you that there is someone out there that wished they had your life! You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now, so don’t sweat it!

Take small steps to achieving your goals even if that means doing one tiny thing a day. It doesn’t have to be monumental it could be something as little as getting up and dressed in the morning or not having a single negative thought about yourself for the day.Accomplishing daily tasks is a step in the right direction.



Be who you want to be! Wear that bold lip colour or those pants with that top! If you like something then own it!

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