Makeup Your Own Mind

I remember purchasing my first bottle of Estee Lauder Double Wear around six years ago through a recommendation from a work colleague. We all worked in the beauty industry and needed a long lasting flawless face. This was always my go-to foundation for work throughout the years. I got numerous compliments on my skin. Enter YouTube “gurus” and bloggers. I became fascinated with what they were using and their must have, can’t live without products. I like most forked out hundreds of pounds gathering every product mentioned by my favourite YouTuber, particularly foundation. I’m not kidding I bought every foundation she ever mentioned! Ok so here is my point, there is one trust me. This said YouTuber had used this particular foundation before and I was an extra happy bunny because I had it too! She decided it wasn’t working for her anymore and thus I put mine away. Ten foundations later, they are back using the foundation I had in the first place and loved from the very beginning.

This is when the penny dropped for me. My original choice was, in fact the best one for me all along, I didn’t need to go out and purchase a million other foundations. It just goes to show how influential people can be. In the beauty world we try lots of products and it’s normal wanting to try people’s recommendations whom we admire and trust. We mustn’t lose ourselves along the way though and put aside our own choices and likes. Trust and stick with what works for you and don’t follow the crowd because chances are they will eventually follow you without even knowing it.

I will always like my favourite beauty bloggers but from now on I will take a step back and think ” do I really like and need this particular product? or am I just lusting over it because “she” says  I need it?





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