The Self-Help Epidemic

I recently read something that resonated with me – A Rant about Self-Help by Master Life Coach Tonya Leigh.

In the post, Leigh voiced how the self-help industry is promoting a culture of entrepreneurs sitting behind computer screens trying to build empires, rather than cultivate well-lived, meaningful lives.

Self-help is big business, with a sudden influx of ‘gurus’ or motivational speakers. It’s difficult not to get sucked in this new trend. After all, who doesn’t want to be successful and great in all areas of their lives?

I can relate to this phenomenon because I’ve read the self-help books, including the recommended ten pages a day plus at least 3o minutes of motivational audio, I used to wake up at 6 am for the Miracle Morning Mantras, meditated, created vision boards, journaled my daily thoughts, set goals, told myself I was an amazing person in the mirror three time daily, the list is endless!

The result, as identified in the post, has left people feeling broken, with diminished self-worth and a constant need to be better.

Going through the self-help rituals can be exhausting and on top of it all, it didn’t make me feel lany happier or more productive, in fact it made me anxious. If I didn’t complete my daily tasks I felt like a failure.

I admire that Tonya promotes relaxation, drinks with friends, dinner parties, getting off the internet and connecting with real people that bring you joy. Focusing on things that actually make you happy, that excite and inspire you, instead of self-help therapy.



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