The Wonderful Everyday & A Bit Of A Social Media Rant

coffee mug

A cup of coffee on a cold morning, woodland walks, a good book, the smell of the air after rain fall, garden bonfire smoke on an Autumn day, late afternoon sunshine, tea in my favourite mug, pastries of any kind! Toast, cake, the smell of bacon and coffee on a Sunday morning. The sounds and smells of coffee shops, Music, Film, little garden birds, folklore, makeup.

These are a few of my favourite things. Which brings me to one of my favourite quotes:

‘ I don’t ever crave extraordinary moments anymore. Just small, gentle hums of beauty streaming from below, above and beyond simply from paying attention. Sound. Light. Shadow. Art. Warmth. The Night. The morning. Dreams that are not faraway but exist right here already in my days, hands and heart.’ Victoria Erickson

I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from social media as I’ve found it’s effecting my mental health. Monotonous scrolling has led me to question my capabilities and sense of self. I find myself in a battle of comparison and self deprecation and quite frankly I’m tired of it.

There seems to be this need to overshare every aspect of one’s life. There is a pressure to reveal even more of ourselves to prove we are relatable or ” real ” You don’t owe anyone anything you don’t wish to share just to fit in.

I have limited the amount I view on social media and only follow people that bring me joy and inspiration. I only post when the mood takes me and if I have nothing to say, I don’t.

So revel in the wonderful everyday, the simple pleasures of the day. Make yourself a cup of tea and have that biscuit.

Your turn- How does social media make you feel? and what small pleasures do you delight in?

Shaz x

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