Good Hair & Makeup Day & Getting Caught In The Social Media Comparison Trap

Every so often it all comes together and I have a good hair, good makeup and good outfit day. Trust me when I say this for me is a rare occurrence especially clothing wise and particularly in the Summer. If I don’t like what I’m wearing It gets me down, ok truthfully it puts me in a really bad mood and I can’t function. When I’m feeling like a crap bag I have to consciously make the effort to put my makeup on and wear something nice to remind myself who I am. I get caught up in the comparison trap where something I’ve looked at on Instagram has triggered a negative response in me and in that moment I despise myself. I know that sounds extreme and it is but I think this happens to a lot of us.

For example the other day we decided to got to a pub for some lunch but we hadn’t really decided which one or where. I wasn’t expecting this impromptu outing so there wasn’t enough time for me to do my makeup plus I couldn’t be bothered anyway, so I put on some tinted moisturiser, some concealer and a bit of mascara ( I am not into the less is more look at all ) Either I have a full face on or none at all, I just can’t do the in-between I end up looking like a greasy spoon! I threw on some shorts and a vest top – hated it! thought who cares and threw on a pair of oversize sunglasses to cover my annoyance. My partner asks me ‘what’s wrong?’ I say, ‘nothing’ but inside I’m thinking I feel fat and don’t like my outfit.

We ended up going to a lovely pub garden in town that when hadn’t been to before. It is then that I wished I had made the effort with myself as everyone else ( comparison again ) looked so lovely in their sun dresses. This has happened more often than I’d like to admit. Then the days where I’m doing bugger all is when I decide to put my best dress on, style my hair and do a fantastic makeup look! Sods law!

Here I am on a dog walk feeling my best self.

2 responses to “Good Hair & Makeup Day & Getting Caught In The Social Media Comparison Trap”

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  2. Grace says:

    This happens to all of us. I usually ignore it but the days where I concentrate on how I really view
    myself I dislike just about everything. But, I put in a comfortable cute outfit, fresh make up and do my hair and I take on the day regardless. Count my blessing and move on.

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