Lately, I have found watching ‘beauty gurus’ on youtube a bit lackluster and rather uninspiring. Gone are the days of helpful, achievable makeup looks of girls like us doing our makeup on our bedroom floor. It’s become a haven for money obsessed product endorsing, over the top makeup looks. When did owning every eyeshadow palette under the sun become something to aspire to? I use to buy into the hype but now I’m really not interested. I’m happy with my now paired down makeup collection and don’t crave the latest YouTuber collaborated face highlighter. It’s all become one on the same with hardly any individuality or personal interaction. I would like to bring my channel back to basics, helping people with everyday tips and tricks that they can actually apply to their daily lives. Do we need to be Instagram face ready to pop to the shops? No! News flash you don’t need all that makeup on your face! I don’t mean don’t wear makeup I’m saying you don’t need to bake your cheekbones to oblivion because chances are you are not about to perform on stage or be on set for a photoshoot! The makeup you are seeing on YouTube is not realistic for day to day life and I can promise you these ‘gurus’ don’t even do that on themselves on the daily, probably don’t even wear makeup at all! Don’t get sucked in by all the glitz and glamour, sponsored trips to Bora Bora and overinflated lips. Be different, stand out from the crowd, be you! I have stopped buying makeup I don’t need and have whittled my collection down to what I actually reach for every day and it feels so freeing.

Shaz Saed -- Blonde Tea Party -- -- beauty and makeup tips -- makeup hoarding -- youtube beauty gurus -- influence -- beauty community -- How do you feel about this topic? Do you buy into the hype or are you content with what you have?


  1. _lucyhelen says:

    Great post shaz!! I feel the same. People are hellbent on having all the latest stuff and tbh it’s not healthy!! I’ve literally got one make up bag since being in Korea… I’m just sort of over it. I want to invest in stuff which will make my skin look great which is why I like your looks ~ your skin always looks glowing and natural 🙂

    anyway keep doing what you’re doing! ~ Lucy♡xx

    • Shahrzad says:

      Aw thank you Lucy my love, you’ve made my day, you really have ♥ You have the right idea that’s for sure! Thank you for all your support and your friendship, I’m truly grateful xoxo Shaz

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