Going for a job interview is intimidating enough the last thing you want is to be concerned about is your makeup. My advice in regards to a corporate role is to keep it low key, natural and fresh. You want the employer to see you not how ‘on fleek’ your highlight is.  How you come across and this really does include your appearance is half the game. It’s not about losing your individuality, it’s about representing a company and it’s values. How you dress in your own time is up to you, that’s your time, company time may require a more paired down version, especially in an office environment. The smallest details could gain you that position over someone else regardless of how much more experience someone else has. Little things like being well groomed, clean hair and nails show an employer that you take pride in your appearance so would apply the same pride at work. Iron your clothes, shine your shoes, keep jewelry to the bare minimum. You want to enhance your features not change the way you look so keep colours neutral and light. In my YouTube video featured below, I demonstrate what I consider to be appropriate job interview makeup.

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