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I am one of those people who take hours primping and preening in the bathroom. I like to take long, hot showers and slather myself in endless lotions and potions. I enjoy the whole process or ritual if you will. Nothing brings me more joy than beautiful smelling products! A good scrub and body lotion is an absolute must for me. Scent is important to me, it sets the tone for the day. I like the feeling of being cocooned in my favourite scents. It’s almost like a protective barrier from the rest of the world. I have often walked past Rituals thinking I must pop in, but never get round to it. Low and behold, my lovely boyfriend surprised me with this gift set on Valentine’s day! I got to try a selection of products all in one go!

IMG_3783 This is the Ayurveda Ritual set. It contains Yogi Flow shower foam, which comes out like a shave cream but melts into a gel on contact with water. Next is Shanti soothing shower oil, another ingenious product which comes out as an oil but turns to a rich lather when mixed with water. I love this for shaving my legs as it leaves them super silky. Last but not least, Purifying Himalayan salt scrub and Honey Touch rich and nourishing body cream. If you like sweet, exotic scents this is the collection for you. It’s a combination of Himalayan Honey and Indian Rose. Although it’s sweet it still has that earthy, woody base which gives it warmth and depth. When used in conjunction with eachother the scent lasts all day and fills your shower with a spa like experience.

Have you tried anything from Rituals? Are you a long or short shower taker?

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